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Slow Feeder Pets Bowl

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As the name suggests, slow feeders prevent your dog from hoovering down their food and encourages them to eat slowly. The unique maze-like design turns your dog's meal into a challenging game, prolonging the eating time significantly and reducing the risks associated with eating too fast such as bloating, regurgitation & obesity. 

Here's a quick tip - spread pet friendly peanut butter (or your dogs favourite wet treat) into the bowl, place in the freezer until frozen and treat your fur baby with a long lasting playful treat.

Choose one of these colors for your dog bowl or any pet, it is a slow eating feeder made of plastic that works as a perfect anti-choke for your puppy, cat, and other pets. It is also a necessary eating bowl if your pet is a puppy basically it becomes an essential food bowl for their first years of life.

Available in a range of designs.
Non slip base.

Summary details:

Volume: 250g
Volume: 250ml
Type: Dogs
Material: Plastic
Item Type: Food Storage
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal