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PVC Siding Panels; Wood Look

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The size of these are 30*30cm (11.81''in*11.81''in) 3D tile panels are perfect as a stone look molded plaster wall and they also have this amazing versatile style as a wall art decoration and apparently this 3D wall decal is It looks perfect in its beautiful in the living room and functional as a wallpaper for the bedroom.

The panels finish is very versatile, covering indoor ceilings and walls. The volume and graphics provided by the pvc texture transform any site into a cozy and exquisite place. The room warmth can be achieved by the wide range of colors offered.

Summary details:

Pattern: 3D Sticker
Style: Modern
Classification: For Wall
Classification: Furniture Stickers
Classification: Floor Stickers
Classification: Window Stickers
Specification: Single-piece Package
Scenarios: WALL
Material: PVC