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Pet food scale

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Measuring from 800g to 1g per serving, this option is ideal as your pet food scale, making it perfect for dog or cat feeding, works as a kitchen spoon for water, even as a scale or measuring spoon. As a portable spoon cup, it’s renewable battery and includes an LED display!

Quantify your pet's food and make your pet's diet more balanced. Measurement of food: It's a wonderful measuring tool for feeding, cooking! Four measuring units: Effectively measure in g, ml, cup, oz. Weighs both solid and liquid ingredients such as flour, beans, flavors and water. Switch the measuring unit by simply pressing the UNIT button.

Detachable spoon: Detachable spoon for easy cleaning and maintenance make it safety and healthy. The electronic scale spoon with clear LED display models, which is clear and easy to read the precise figure.

Instructions for use: After receiving the product, assemble the spoon part and the scale part. Install the battery, the model is CR2032. Place the scale horizontally, don't shake it, hold the handle part, don't touch the spoon part. Press the power button to turn on, and then press the UNIT button to select the unit. Press the power button again to return to zero. Place items and weigh them. After weighing, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to shut down.

Package includes:
1 x pet food scale(without battery)

Summary details:
Material: ABS(Endurable -20 to 100 degree)
Color: white
Range: 800g
Accuracy: 1g
Units: g/ml/cup/oz/fl'oz
Size: Total length of 23 cm, scoop height 5cm, scoop width 9.5cm, scoop length 10cm
Types: Cat and dog
Measurement errors: 800g+/-15g
Material: Plastic
Kitchen Scale Spoon: Yes
Item Type: Measuring Spoon
Item Type: food scale
Feature: Portable, removeable
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Accuracy: 1g