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Ceramic Ridge Vase

Original price $67.00 - Original price $117.00
Original price
$67.00 - $117.00
Current price $77.00

Style your space with modern minimalist flair with these ceramic vases. Beautiful with or without flowers, the small opening will fit a few stems of your favourite flora to adorn your space. The juxtaposition of vase size to capacity makes this a beautiful addition to any modernist space. Gentle, thin hand defined horizontal striping gives texture and elegance to the sleek shape.

Choose one of these Nordic style resin vases and change your home decor with modern accessories for your living room and make a simulation bouquet with these countertop ceramic vases, it is perfect as a dining room vase! 

Summary details:
Style: europe
Material: Ceramic & Porcelain
Function: Tabletop Vase