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Foldable Food Storage Bucket

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$73.99 - $73.99
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Keep your pets food and treats fresh and tasty with this durable pet food storage bucket.

The strong and durable design features a clip lock lid reducing spillage and preventing moisture to lock in freshness and flavour.

If you have a fussy fur baby then you know having fresh food is the way to their heart. Transferring their food to a sealed container is key to keeping food fresh, not only that, it's also far easier to scoop the food making feeding times convenient and hassle free.

If you're short on space, or just want to keep your home clutter free then this is the perfect option for you. Features a silicone band around the middle which can be folded down so you can make your storage bucket smaller to fit compactly away. A transparent lid on top makes scooping food effortless and also allows you to see if you need to top up your pets food.

Perfect for dog food, cat food, cat litter, bird seed and more!

Choose one of these new collapsible food storage, it is a perfect option as a large bucket, it is also everyone's favorite option depending on the capacity you want to store your cat or dog food, it is a sealed bucket, so it is not Don't miss out on choosing the most perfect moisture-proof option for your pet supplies.

Size: 45x37.5x33cm. (17.71inches*14.76inches*12.99inches*)
Size after folding: 45x16x33cm. (17.71inches*6.29inches*12.99inches)
PP, plastic & silicone material.
2 colours available.
Moisture proof seal.
Holds up to 17kg of food.

 Summary details:

Item Type: Food Storage
Type: Dogs
Material: Plastic
Applicable Dog Breed: Universal
Features: Foldable