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Harness Vest

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Choose one of these small animal harnesses and your matching soft, floral vest leash with a skirt. This perfect choice as clothing can be for traveling, so it can work as a chest strap for rabbits, ferrets or rabbits, even hamster. For sure everyone loves Small Pet Supplies!

With ribbonSmall: neck is 5.51-8.66" inches, Bust: 7.48-11.42" inches, Length of garment: 6.69" inches. Rope length: 49.21" inches

Medium: neck is 6.69-9.84" inches, Bust: 9,84-12.99" inches, Length of garment: 8.66’’ inches. Rope length: 49.21" inches

Others: Medium: neck is 6.3-9.45" inches, Bust: 7.87-12.2" inches, Length of garment: 7.87’’ inches. Rope length: 49.21" inches

Summary details:
Material: Polyester
Model: Small Animal Harness Vest Leash Set
Feature: Personalized