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Cat Tree Towers Furniture

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Cat scratchers are a must have for all cat owners. Wrapped in sisal rope, your for pet can exercise their natural scratching habits to maintain their claw strength, cleanliness and health.

This minimalist scratcher is a unique and fun alternative to boring traditional scratchers and adds a pop of balance to your space.

A great deterrent if your cat likes to scratch the furniture, sprinkle or spray with catnip to encourage your furry friend to use the scratcher instead. It is sure to become their favourite piece of furniture.

Summary details:

With Approx. Height:176cm
Pet Cat Tree House
Condo Toy Scratching Post for Cats
Wood Climbing Tree
Cat Tree Towers Furniture 
Type: Cats
Size: Height 176cm/155cm/86cm
Material: Wood
Kinds: Cat tree
Color: Gray/Beige