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Electric Wine Bottle Opener

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It’s a rechargeable electric wine opener and automatic corkscrew that works as a creative wine bottle opener with USB charging cable for home use, surely everyone will love it as a gift!

Vacuum efficient preservation, red wine flavor, fresh as ever. By adjusting the internal structure of the plug, the vacuum degree is always maintained at a high standard of 0.038Mpa, and the long-term freshness is maintained.

Suitable for wine bottles of different sizes. Simple bevel design, High-quality silicone, security guards are quarantined. The instant the liquor is poured out, it will quickly oxidize with the air through the pores of the internal channel, and produce a large number of visible small bubbles. The instant the liquor is poured out, it will immediately sober up, and the sobering efficiency is unbelievable.

Light: Led fashion red light bottle opening visualization.
Base: Tin cutter base, safe and secure.
Button: Classic Straight button, comfortable to handle.
Body: Mini body, exquisite and beautiful.

It’s suitable for most bottle mouths on the market, without effort and slag. With the compatibility of 35mm large diameter, bottle mouth, it can easily cope with the opening of different bottle mouths.

Visual open bottle, LED blue light cool display. The bottom of the electric bottle opener is made of transparent PC, which makes the bottle opening process clearly visible. LED red light also provides convenience in low-light situations.

Extremely long battery life, continuously driving dozens of bottles of red wine continuously. After more than ten years of focusing on electric bottle opener technology, the performance has been maximized.

Rechargeable bottle opener, which can be recharged and used, convenient and environmentally friendly. Comes with a USB charging cable, you can open several bottles of red wine after charging for 5 minutes.


Step 1
Hold the wine bottle tightly, clamp the tin foil cutter, and turn left and right to cut the sealed foil.
Step 2
Hold the wine bottle and bottle opener tightly, press the open button against the stopper, and press it down firmly. The stopper will be pulled out automatically after 6 seconds.
Step 3
Press the stopper button and the stopper will automatically push out of the bottle opener.

Summary details:
Use: Home/Party/Restaurant/Outdoor
Type: Openers
Product name: Automatic Bottle Opener
Openers Type: Red Wine
Metal Type: ABS
Feature 9: Wine opener usb
Feature 8: Wine bottle opener
Feature 7: Wine cork
Feature 6: Automatic Red Wine Bottle Opener
Feature 5: Kitchen Tool
Feature 4: Kichen accessories
Feature 3: Valentine's Day present
Feature 2: Christmas gifs
Feature 12: Bottle opener
Feature 11: Electric corkscrew
Feature 10: Wine bottle opener set
Feature 1: Wine Opener
Feature: Stocked
Color: Black