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Desk Coffee Mug Warmer

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Ideal to have on your desk at home or at work. This warmer has a high temperature-resistant tempered glass surface that is waterproof. It is claimed to be compatible with various materials - such as glass and plastic formula bottles. After 5 minutes of not using, the warmer automatically powers off. Two temperature modes are available - high and low.

Adjust the temperature with a single button on the face of the warmer, next to the temperature display. There are non-slip mats on the bottom of the warmer, to keep it secure and to keep you safe. Designed to be slim and sleek, the warmer is only 10mm thick. Different warmers are available to suit US and EU plugs - in 110V and 220V.

US and EU plugs available.
Waterproof and high temperature-resistant, tempered glass surface.
Non-slip mats on the bottom.
Powers off after 5 minutes of not using.
10mm thick. 

Summary details: 
Voltage (V): 220V
Model: Coffee Mug Warmer Constant Temperature
Certification: ce