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Ceramic Coffee Dripper (reusable filters)

Original price $89.76 - Original price $89.76
Original price $89.76
$89.76 - $89.76
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This unique Ceramic Coffee Dripper 2-4 Cups pour over coffee maker, works as Coffee Filter Cup Hand, and also as Drip Reusable Filters more delicate and complex, it's the most perfect, ecofriendly and smarter option if you're or know someone who is a addicted to coffee.

Deep diversion groove: The bottom keel is deepened, so that when the wet filter paper is in contact with the bottom of the filter cup, the main keel supports the filter paper, avoiding the filter paper from adsorbing the bottom of the filter cup and causing overextraction soaking, further speeding up the flow rate, highlighting the coffee flavor, and easily satisfying the current situation Specialty, coffee is a tasting requirement. Different powder layer height directly affects the flow velocity.

Material: Ceramic
Filter Type: Reusable Filters