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Acrylic Modernist Chair

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Original price $126.58
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Choose this acrylic crystal chair, it’s a ghost style creative transparent plastic dining chair, it’s a beautiful chair that looks like crystal and includes different types of transparent in any chair!

Completely refresh your space with these chairs. Made of transparent acrylic, with many different colour options, this chair will modernise any room. Save space, this chair away when you aren't using it, or keep it out to decorate with style and colour.

Summary details:
Style: Light and decoration
Length: L58.5*W49*H83.5
Function: The stack
Color: Transparent, white, ash, amber, red, sapphire blue
The material: plastic
The framework: frameless
Style: Minimalist Modern
Size: 83cm*48cm*49cm
Product category: dining chair
Material: Plastic
Backrest height: 46t