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Ceramic Coffee Dripper Set

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For those folks who want a manual yet low-effort method of making coffee, this ceramic pourover coffee pot is your best bet.

Its no-nonsense design lets you have full control of the brewing process for a quality cup of coffee and consistent results each use. Crafted with a minimalist aesthetic that would look great on your kitchen counter, and in dark grey hues that remind you of Nordic design.

This set includes a coffee pot and a filter. Ideal gift for those who are serious about their coffees.

Specifications summary:

650ml liquid capacity
Makes 1-4cups
4.60in x 4.60in x 2.36in
5.11in x 4.60in x 2.67in
Made from high-quality ceramic
Material: Ceramic
Filter Type: Reusable Filters
Style: Coffee Drip Filter
Type: French Press Coffee Maker
Suit For: Coffee Pot Drop Filter Cup
Function: Coffee Filter Basket