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5 pieces of honey stirrer

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Honey can be a messy affair, with sticky fingers and spilled honey commonplace in the kitchen? Having a dedicated honey stirrer will change your life. It provides a slow and steady dribble, compared to the volatile nature of using a spoon.

Wooden Construction
5 Pack
8cm Length

Multi-purpose, natural and safe material. Crafted from high quality wood and food-grade materials, this honey stir bar is safe, harmless and durable.

The homogeneous wood texture and natural soft colors, will win your attention and affection. Fine Workmanship. Each stir bar is well polished by our craftsman, smooth surface without burr, delicate and comfortable touch, not only a stir bar, but also an art ware.

The groove design on the head of honey stick is better for distributing and collecting honey from the jar, makes it easier for you to get the honey. Easy to clean. This small wooden stir stick can be easily washed by clean water, and easy to carry, it is the perfect partner for honey.

It can not only be used for stirring honey, but also drinks, melted chocolate, jam, caramel, maple syrup and more. Scopes of applications. It can widely be used for house kitchen, restaurants, bar, parties, weddings parties, nigh clubs, and more available scenes.

Summary details:
Type2: Honey Spoon Mixing Stick
Type1: Stir Bar
Type: Wooden Stirrers Honey Dipper
Total length 8cm: Head size 1.9cm*2cm
Spoon Type: Honey Spoons
Material: Wood