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Flower Pot

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These Nordic vases fit the classic definition of Scandinavian design - light-coloured, simple products made from rustic or natural materials. Crafted from ceramic they come in a variety of incredible styles and shapes to match or contrast any space.

These vases will add warmth and depth to any table or serve as a magnificent décor and conversation starter adorned with any variety of floral.

It is made of environmental ceramic material. And It’s one of the most popular forms of handicraft nowadays. Compared with expensive collections, it seems  simple and pure.
On the contrary, it has won the favor of consumers. It can enhance the house,office etc. style, and the taste of home well. Great for new homeowner, wedding, Birthday, Christmas, Yoga studio etc. as present;

Nordic design
Variety of shapes and styles
Made from ceramic

Summary details:
Type4: Ceramic modern vase
Type3: Flower for vase
Type2: Decor home nordic
Type1: Decor vase
Style: europe
Size: xs
Material: Ceramic
Function: Tabletop Vase