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Many times we talk in decoration (or in fashion, which is exactly the same) about the importance of accessories. It is something obvious, we all have it clear and, however, many times we do not succeed with the "accessories" when it comes to giving character to a corner. Either because they are not suitable for the style we have in mind, or because they do not just "fit" together, the topic of DECO accessories usually gives us more of a headache, right?

Today I bring you 3 different DECO ideas to give personality to the same furniture. On the one hand, one of the most mythical tables with a Nordic air (that we see everywhere!) And on the other, the Tolix chair in black. The two together are perfect to create a corner in any room in the house.

We are going to see 3 ideas to "round" the whole. As you can see, the accessories are the ones that have the last word and, although you already know that mine is good love with black and white and that it is difficult for me to risk giving colorin to the house, I have incorporated a brushstroke of yellow, which I think It brings life to the whole, continuing with the idea of ​​leaving a "neutral" corner.

The rest of the accessories add character. Each of them in a different way. In the end, we can have a more boho corner if on the walls we opt for a handmade piece of macramé (my new downfall!); If we choose to decorate with a retro clock and old plates on the walls, we will be able to give the whole a vintage air; and finally, a good lamp accompanied by books will make us have a reading corner in mind when we see this corner ...

All different, each with its own personality ...

Which corner do you like the most?

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