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    September 2, 2021


    Many times we talk in decoration (or in fashion, which is exactly the same) about the importance of accessories. It is something obvious, we all have it clear and, however, many times we do not succeed with the "accessories" when...

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  • A Whimsical Home In Los Angeles
    September 2, 2021

    A Whimsical Home In Los Angeles

    A couple of weeks ago, the popular Decor8 blog featured talented American photographer Brittany Ambridge. After seeing a growing trend towards muted color photography, with low saturation or minimalist color palettes every day, I can't help but be immediately captivated...

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  • An Elegant Home For A Young Family
    September 2, 2021

    An Elegant Home For A Young Family

    Located on Oakville’s lakeshore, Canada, this home blends classic design and modern sensibility.Working closely with the architect and builder, Elizabeth Metcalfe’s design team created a beautiful new home for a young family from the ground up. The owners wanted a...

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